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What's Simple Timeline?

The goal of this webapp is to help you visualize the passing of time. I use it to visualize my life, but you could make a timeline about anything.

Your data stays yours 100%. In fact, you'll have to download and store the data yourself if you want to save a timeline. There's no database behind this.

Why have users exporting and importing files?

I chose that way of saving timelines rather than a classic account creation flow for maximal privacy.

The first version of this webapp had users creating accounts and saving their data to a database, but virtually 100% of people had the same concern: "Won't you be able to see my timeline?". Indeed, I can hack my own websites quite easily.

At first I thought about adding client-side encryption, but, for users, that's about as complex and inconvenient as keeping files. Also, to be really sure that I actually implement that encryption, users would have to look through the code.

With export/import of a simple .json file, you can turn your internet connection off and disable all cookies while using the app. It still works and nobody, not even me, can peek at your data.

On top of it, no user management and no database makes this webapp much simpler to develop and much cheaper to host. (So cheap, this is free to use. (But you can make a donation if you want, much appreciated! ))

If you would enjoy the ability to create an account and save your data on the cloud, do send a feature request!

Tips and tricks:

- To zoom in and out:
Hold the ctrl key and scroll. Or pinch.

- For a perfect zoom out:
Double click on the timeline (not on an event).

- To add events:
Use the green "+" button or right click on the timeline

- To edit events:
Right click on them. You can also drag them around.

- To move lines up and down:
Click on a line's name and drag it up or down.

- To change a timeline's name, description or start/end date:
Click on what you want to change.

- To save your timeline:
Click "Export timeline" and keep the file somewhere safe.

- To load a saved timeline:
Click "Import timeline" and drag and drop the file you previously exported.

For questions, comments, feature requests and insults, Reach out to me.

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